The Gang.

Punishment by Transportation

It’s the Industrial Revolution, people were increasingly moving to cities, prisons were overcrowded, and petty crime was on the rise. After the Revolution of 1776 prevented transportation to America, Queen Victoria decided banishment to Australia would solve these problems.

Between 1788 and 1868, 165,000 convicts made the long voyage by sea to Australia. Times were tough for criminals, but these individuals were tougher. They survived the boat ride and the exile. Now their stories survive into the 21st century with 19 Crimes.

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19 crimes 2016 shiraz

19 Crimes Shiraz

A story about James Kiely.

19 crimes red wine australia

19 Crimes Red Blend

A story about John Boyle O'Reilly.

19 crimes 2016 the banished dark red wine

19 Crimes The Banished

A story about James Wilson.

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